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advocacy groups


Patrick is actively involved in the patient advocacy movement for over two decades. Advancing patient-centered research, product development, and health solutions way before it was trendy. He created the concept of patient-lead R&D, company development, and industrialized the personalized medicine movement. He is a lay-person who has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers, holds patents, and has built dozens of innovative companies around the world.

president & ceo board member,
gmpo ophan

Recruited to advance the new commercial initiatives of this twenty-year-old private proteomics R&D company.

Created functioning multi-stakeholder coalition of multiple different industries to create a business enterprise, policy, and legislation to support the personalized medicine industry, coalitions that remain influential today.

co-founder & chairman
personalized medicine coalition & european personalized medicine association

president & ceo board member,
pxe international

Founded a research foundation to address PXE, a rare genetic disease and created multiple incentives to drive research and subsequent global treatments.